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Instant Access to Product Data 
for In
dustry Professionals

The Challenge

Poor access 

to relevant data

when we most need it.

Hindering our

ability to solve issues.

Generating losses.

Impacting productivity.

The Solution

On-demand access.

The data you need

exactly when you need it.

Fast and Easy

Modern & Friendly


Immediate Access.


All the equipment-related data. 

Available on-demand

at the touch of a button.

When and where you need it.

In all your platforms.

Immediate Access.


Save Time

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Porvoo, Finland


What is Simply?

Simply is a web-based app for industry professionals,

allowing on-demand access to all equipment-related data

Who needs Simply?

Industry professionals who work with equipment, and perform tasks which require access to said equipment’s data

What kind of data can I store in Simply?

Files, Images, Videos, Software Backups, Links to databases

What type of content can I store in Simply?

Several types e.g. Operation Manuals, Best Practices, Diagrams,Training Videos, Parts lists, Backup Software, Maintenance Instructions


When would I need to use Simply?

Whenever you need on-demand access to data e.g.User training, Maintenance, Repair, Upgrades


How do I get more information?

Simply contact our team!

How it works
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